CS Brazil 2020/21 crop update: cane crushing slows down in 2HOct

  •  Mills in CS Brazil crushed 26,794 mmt of cane in 2H Oct, up 18.3% YoY.

  •  Until Oct 31st, cane crushing totaled 564.91 mmt, 3.7% higher YoY.

  •  TRS level increased 2.7% YoY to 155.96 kg/tc in 2H Oct, comprising an average of 144.89 kg/tc since Apr 1st, up 4.3% YoY.

  •  Sugar mix rose 11.60 p.p. to 43.63%, boosting sugar production to 1.737 mmt in 2H Oct, up 14.4% YoY, reaching 36.511 mmt since Apr 1st (+44.0%).

  •  DATAGRO had estimated 25 mmt of cane, 157 kg TRS and 43% of mix for 2H Oct.

  •  Domestic hydrous ethanol sales reached 1.867 bi liters in Oct, 12.8% lower than a year ago, totaling 10.981 bi liters since April, down 20.7% YoY.

For more information please visit the DATAGRO PORTAL at portal.datagro.com

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